Pay 4 Performance 

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) offers the Pay for Performance incentive program for comprehensive energy efficiency for whole-building improvements. The program is available to all commercial and industrial buildings and is administered by the NJ Board of Public Utilities and managed by TRC Solutions.

Whether you’re making improvements to your existing building or starting a new project, with Pay for Performance you have the opportunity to improve the overall energy use and efficiency of your facilities. Rather than offering specific rebate levels for specific equipment types, the Pay for Performance program calculates the performance incentive as a variable $/kWh, $/therm, or $/sq. ft. Designed for larger buildings, the Pay for Performance program can help you save 15% or more on energy consumption or help you to construct a more efficient new building and get incentives up to $50,000.

The program requires participants to use an approved Program Partner in order to receive incentives. The Cotocon Group is one of the program partners and helps its clients achieve the incentives under Pay 4 Performance. The Cotocon Group consists of qualified energy efficiency technicians who work directly with the program participant to recommend and install energy efficient measures in the buildings. Some of the energy efficiency technologies are Lighting, Chillers, Furnaces, Boilers, Air conditioners, Energy Management. Systems/Building Controls, Motors, Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building.

As your energy experts, The Cotocon Group will guide you through the program and provide technical services under direct contract to you.

The pay for performance is divided between 2 types of buildings:

1- Existing Buildings

2- New Construction

Pay For Performance

Existing Buildings

Under the Pay for Performance incentive program, you can take a comprehensive, whole-building approach to saving energy in your existing facilities and earn incentives that are directly linked to your savings. Acting as your energy expert, The Cotocon Group will develop an energy reduction plan for each project with a whole-building technical component of a traditional energy audit, a financial plan for funding the energy efficient measures and a construction schedule for installation.


  • Existing commercial, industrial and institutional buildings with a peak demand over 200 kW for any of the preceding twelve months are eligible to participate including hotels and casinos, large office buildings, supermarkets, manufacturing facilities schools, shopping malls and restaurants.
  • Additionally, select multifamily buildings with a peak demand over 100kW are also eligible.
  • The energy reduction plan must define a comprehensive package of measures capable of reducing the existing energy consumption of your building by 15% or more.
  • Exceptions to the 15% threshold requirement may be made for certain industrial, manufacturing, water treatment, hospital, and datacentre building types whose annual energy consumption is heavily weighted on process loads.


Take a holistic approach to earn incentives while saving on energy and the overall costs. Under the Pay 4 Performance program, The Cotocon Group will act as your energy expert and develop an energy reduction plan for your building by developing a simulated computer model of your planned building. We will help you design your building in such a way that it is more than just a code-compliant construction.


  • Commercial, industrial and institutional buildings with 50,000 square feet or more of planned conditioned space are eligible to participate.
  • Existing buildings undergoing substantial renovations may also be eligible to participate if the project involves:
    • Change of use and reconstruction of space within;
    • Construction work that requires the building to be out of service for 30 days or more; OR
    • Reconstruction of a vacant structure
  • Your energy reduction plan must define a comprehensive package of measures capable of achieving energy costs 5% below the current energy code for commercial and industrial buildings and 15% for multifamily buildings.


Commercial, Industrial, Local Government, Nonprofit, Schools, State Government, Federal Government, Institutions can all apply for the Pay for Performance program. It helps in saving energy, reducing overall costs and playing your part in betterment of the environment.
Go green and reap the benefits with New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program and The Cotocon Group and reap the benefits.

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