NYSERDA Commercial Tenant Program


This is for tenants looking to not only improve the performance of their office space but lower the utility cost.  The NYSERDA Commercial Tenant Program provides up to 100 percent of the cost, with an energy analysis of the space which enables the tenant to effectively and efficiently enhance their work environment.

“Commercial office tenants and buildings owners are receiving up to 100% cost share for an energy study that can help enhance the efficiency of their leased spaces.”

Obtaining the right information at the right time can help you make better design and energy management decisions.  NYSERDA enables this process by covering the cost of a consultant who will help uncover energy savings opportunities in your space and create an easy to follow, practical action plan.


Tenants can choose from two tracks:

  1. Spend $5,000 & receive $5,000 return
  2. Spend $50,000 & receive $50,000 return

…It’s that simple


“Her office space was no where near using the amount of energy she was being charged with monthly, so she decided to invest in the Commercial Tenant Program and her return on investment far exceeded her expectations.”



  • Reduce your operating expenses & save on your energy bills
  • Gain a competitive edge to attract & retain the right talent
  • Create a healthier, more comfortable, and productive workplace
  • Fulfill your organization’s energy efficiency & sustainability goals

Commercial Tenant Program is responsive; average 13-day turnaround for NYSERDA to review, process an application, and issue an approval notice.


For more information


The Cotocon Group works closely with NYSERDA in support of the Commercial Tenant Program because of it’s benefits to the environment and to everyone involved, financially and productively.  Call us for more information (212) 889-6566.

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