“The money I have saved by becoming LEED certified has increased my profit over the last few years”

Did you know? Large buildings waste about 30% of energy, according to the U.S Energy Information Administration, or EIA. Efforts to find and eliminate energy waste can have a huge payoff. Read on more to know how you can be Energy Smart.

The Cotocon Group is a New York City consulting agency that promotes energy efficient goals. The Cotocon Group also provides information on Local Laws. These Local Laws are enforced by the government but there is a distinct lack of awareness about them.

Worried about capital expenditures?  Don’t be, 46-60% of potential energy savings in a building can typically be achieved through low or no-cost operational changes. These changes come in the forms of optimizing equipment sequencing, use of outside air, or even night or weekend setbacks.

How does our team here at The Cotocon Group assist you in strategizing your energy management?

Simple. We help you

  • Evaluate dynamic pricing programs or energy efficiency incentives offered by your local utility
  • Analyze and understand your facilities current energy usage
  • Identify and assess your local energy procurement options

LEED certified buildings or Leadership in Energy and Environmental buildings.

  • Implement practical and measurable green building design concepts
  • Are rated on an open-ended, industry-consensus point scale for green building categories
  • Have a higher tenant retention rate and ultimately a greater asset values for their owners

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