Cooling Season

Cooling Season comes quickly and sometimes with no warning, especially in New York.  It can be challenging to control indoor comfort during springtime weather fluctuations.  In this time, it is also important to make sure that building controls are reset to reflect changes in occupancy schedules, temperatures, and daylight.

New York City’s cooling season runs from May 26 to September 24, so maintaining these requirements are crucial.  Usage outside of these dates may result in an electrical demand charge for which funding has not been budgeted.  These guidelines and recommendations have been established for the use and maintenance of air-conditioning systems in City buildings.

Many factors impact occupant comfort, such as;

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Movement
  • Vertical and Horizontal Temperature Differences
  • Temperature Drift
  • Lighting Conditions

Whatever the weather conditions, you’ll want to ensure that your building’s systems are in top shape to control these factors as best as possible to keep occupant’s complaints to a minimum and ensure productivity and facility performance.

The temperatures are warming up, creating less need for heating and more need for cooling.  To ensure that your building’s performance is running safely and efficiently to increase your comfort and save money, follow these spring maintenance tips…

Tips on how to stay cool this summer:

  • Maintain healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Control Moisture
  • Monitor Thermostat Settings
  • Adjust Lighting
  • Test Cooling Systems
  • Check the Building Envelope
  • Change Air Filters


2019 NYC Cooling Season Guidelines for building owners and tenants gives an in-depth breakdown for occupants and facility managers on the proper requirements and suggestions to help maintain proper cooling temperatures.

At The Cotocon Group, our experts go in the field to examine investment opportunities firsthand, we help you identify cooling opportunities and to take care of your seasons requirements.


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