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Our Value Propositions

  1. We Measure So Our Clients Can Manage.
  2. We Listen To Our Clients and Hear What They Say.
  3. We See Opportunities Where Others See Problems.
  4. We Show Our Clients How They Can Do Well Financially – By Doing Right For The Environment.
  5. We Give Our Clients More Than They Expect When They Contract With Us.

Our Energy Efficiency Expertise

Our professionals are available to assist, consult, and perform energy inspections and assessments to help you reduce your energy consumption. We have the detailed knowledge and technical expertise to help you reach your energy goals; whether they consist of a Whole Building Energy CheckupTM , EPA ENERGY STAR Benchmarking, LEED® Certification, retrofit or new energy systems, or streamlined long-term energy maintenance program.

The Cotocon Group

The Cotocon Group is an impartial third-party consulting firm that specializes in helping optimize your energy consumption & reduce energy costs.

The Cotocon Group is recognized as a Con Edison, NYESERDA, PSEG-LI (TA) and ENERGY STAR Partner.

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